Friday, 8 June 2012

Anime Updates!! (Warning Hard Sexual Content 18+)

Warning: During the Hentai section you will face some adult content so it is strongly recommended  for visitors under 18 not to face it and ignore this post  permanently!!!

Hello friends check out some really cool website for watching nauto and dbz and other anime:
2.Dragon Ball
3.Other animes!!

And ppl lover of Detective Conan download all the movie from 1 to 6

1. Detective Conan Movie-1 : The Time Bombed Skyscraper.............696MB
     2. Detective Conan Movie-2 : The Fourteenth Target..................692MB
     3. Detective Conan Movie-3 : The Last Wizard of the Century.........695MB
     4. Detective Conan Movie-4 : Captured in her eyes...................696MB
     5. Detective Conan Movie-5 : Countdown to Heaven....................696MB
     6. Detective Conan Movie-6 : Phantom of Baker Street................696MB

Click here* to download the torrent file.. 


*Detective Conan movie source was taken from Pirate bay organization and the torrent file is provided by Harry Lala

Love Reading mangs check out this sites


                                                                     Hentai Special!!
This is a video from a well know hentai cleavage 
Or if u love watching hentai go here best site of watching hentais :P.Go ahead and explore!!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Fraps test on nfsmw

Check out this cool software fraps ....if u think you play games good and wanna make a walkthrough or tutorial of that game den dis software is best for you, will be getting the registered pro version of the software here for free..though you check the specs or more info at its OFFICIAL SITE.If you download the demo version you can make video upto 30 seconds with a watermark of fraps..but you need not to worry get the pro version by clicking the downloading button.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Top Apps for android!!

Hey guys checkout some of the most popular evn some of my fav apps :-

Problem facing questions get answers within a minute by users around the world most of the users are very logic with their terms but u may face some douces but it is effective and really helped me 2 with my problems..
so go ahead and download here for more info abt this app :)

Get flirty and meet some new peoples with this cool sexy social network myyearbook (changing name to meet me) though you have to pay for making your post and yourself #1 but d price is very low play games with all you frnds, chat with more dan 35 million here for more info.

Sucked up!!! with official facebook app can't evn open fb here comes the superman gochat best chatting app evr made for facebook the most beautiful thing abt dis app is how smoothly it runs..i hv been using it more dan 3-4 months and still now it didn't evn here for more info.

Haha check out this delicious app evr made you can guess it by checking its pic only.I could get all the recipes of my fav food evn there are so many recipes i thnk more than billions haha yes XD i don't evn know  this app is best for my mom as i gave my phone and she watch d recipes and i could get dat piclicious food at my plate :P... click here for more info.

Easy Mp3 Downloader:Easily search your fav song and get that at once but sometimes it says "Network Error" that i faced but it recovered it here for more info

tunewiki a gr8 fun app for you guys listening a song among friends but don't know or have the lyrics saved on you phone at that moment u will just need this app just play the music on tunewiki player and it will automatically sync the song with the here to know more about this exciting app :)

tune in radio listen to any radio station at any moment of time for example just time you fav singer name at the search box or any radio channel or you can search by regions it is better than lastfm here for info

Last but not least urly a multipurpose app u can shorten ur url via many url shorteners share pics, videos, songs(any file) via dropbox, imageshack, cloud app, filesocial and much here to know more