Thursday, 29 November 2012

We Are Hiring

Hello friends I want some new authors for my blog for new updates.You can post any technology updates, games, gameplay, new gadgets anything just comment below with your email i will send you email 

Oh!! don't forget to check our new extension Torrents in the top of the menu bar of our blog :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Hotspot Shield Vs Tor Project

As you may know that hotspot shield runs by a advertising company that enforce you about geo targeting people with ads.Earning money is their only purpose by selling ads and mailing lists to there dedicated companies with names of people targeted on their location and preferences.Most horribly i just got to know that they can do whatever with you data

Tor on the other hands got many problems like "too slow network" because of tons of layer of nodes which will take about hours to open but on the other hands hackers using that service may be impossible to track but since its exit points of  the tunnels are in hands of all people around the world you may not have a simple guess who seeing your data though all the tunnels of it are encrypted but its much better than hotspot shield though I use both the tool.Infact both of them are installed on my pc

But one thing I can say both of them are good services..yea though privacy differs but believe me both of them saved me from many situation 

Hotspot Shield:

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Lost in the Rhythm of Music

Wassup guys we have started adding up musics to our torrent library (Newly Joined)

AKA Cyclonoid buds!!

So don't just tune yourself with software and technology also with music 

Dance to Rhythm of Beat with our musical torrents

I am now concentrated with my torrent community If i get time i will post soon with latest techupdates

for that time  STAY TUNED!!!!

                                                                               Oh yeah I will soon be posting my torrents too :)

Friday, 16 November 2012


Hello friends its a good news for all our blog visitors that we recently opened an account on a Kickass site


so no now don't be afraid of downloading big files now i made this account to get you guys more things than software and movies, songs and much more

Hit Up for our profile soon for new uploads there: Cyclonoid 

My tag line lol for my username Cyclonoid[Cyclone Maker]

Guys I will try my best to seed the torrent and rest of the things upto you guys :)

 Have a good day guys Admin

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Angry Birds Space Free

Hello guys wanna get Angry Birds Space for free then download the torrent below the above video will help u in installation process

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Euro Truck Simulator Free Download!!

Wassup guys Im here with a new simulator game Euro Truck Simulator V1.3.Its really awesome but i don't know why its pretty much difficult for me while landing anyway its fully in 3D below given are some pics.

Don't be afraid by looking at its graphics believe me or not its only 264mb..hell yeah xD

Oh your download will be in rar archived format containing:
2.Key or Password for the game int txt format
3.And a note that you have downloaded this file from our blog


Hello its a password protected rar download it to get the password

Rar Password Cracker

Hey guys have you ever end with a rar archived that is password protected and you might wanna know or may be curious (hell ya!!..why im asking you guys you downloaded that file).So in this case i have a perfect tool for you Zip Rar Ace Archive Recovery or to unlock anything might be.

Down below a video tutorial given how may you use this software