Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Euro Truck Simulator Free Download!!

Wassup guys Im here with a new simulator game Euro Truck Simulator V1.3.Its really awesome but i don't know why its pretty much difficult for me while landing anyway its fully in 3D below given are some pics.

Don't be afraid by looking at its graphics believe me or not its only 264mb..hell yeah xD

Oh your download will be in rar archived format containing:
2.Key or Password for the game int txt format
3.And a note that you have downloaded this file from our blog


Hello its a password protected rar download it to get the password


  1. Hey admin thanks for sharing....never played such game before.....its pretty much addictive

  2. Hey whts d password??

  3. Thx frnds 4 u support pls share it with you frnds and pls say that to comment here so that other user can see that we provide useful would be kind if you guys use ur google account to log in and comment....oh btw @Matrix thx keep on exploring our blog