Sunday, 27 May 2012

Chatting with CMD!!!

Hey check out this cool trick to chat with any particular ip or any domain group with cmd!!!
yeah i mean cmd u can also chat with cmd!! don't believe me then read out this article and also do share it with your let us begin.. :P

1. Ok first open up notepad!!

                                                        2.Put this code

                            @echo off
                            echo MESSENGER
                            set /p n=User:
                            set /p m=Message:
                            net send %n% %m%
                            Goto A

                           3.Save the file ok now save the file any name u want but change the extension of the file from .txt to .bat and save it.
                            4.After saving the file d icon will look like dat..

                              5.After opening the file t will look like dis


                              6.Ok u can send message to a domain workgroup or a particular live ip for example check the next pic..

                             7.Yea check out this pic i m send it to a workgroup and it really worked!!

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