Saturday, 28 July 2012


Cool new way to meet new people IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe).Create your own unique avatar(@signup page) as per your own style and show it to the world with more than 50 millions of user around the world online at any time chat with them, play social games, have private chat, create your own room, and share it with our friends and become.

Membership Status

Basic IMVU sign up is free + you get 500 credits and you will get some more credits after downloading the IMVU setup for you PC.One disappointing thing is that for a free sign up you will also get a extension "Guest_" before your avatar name; buying your avatar will remove "Guest_" extension which is kinda normal -_- (my view: :\ paying money for such a shitty software huuhhh :@).Although you need to pay more for any further VIP features such as access to adult features(my view: im not talkin abt any kids here :P), monthly credits, offers at shop for buying shoes jackets or upgrades for your avatar, cool outfits for VIP.


Ok here it comes Economy for IMVU.Imvu contain its own currency known as "Promo-Credits"to buy upgrades for your avatar like glasses, hair style, shirts, shoes..etc.For developer who develops 3D item an another type of credit is also present known as "developer token" which will developer get when an avatar buy any item of his/her with promo credits.IMVU also offers gift cards available at retail outlets embedded on their site.They did have a page for earning more credits giving oppurtunity to users to gain promocredits which they removed now(my view: fuck!! X@)saying Error 404 however you pay your chance here

Ok guys lets MOVE ON!!! with dis crappy app IMVU and ADD ME!! "Guest_Enrique404"


This are outfits patched on a avatar you need to buy them with a very high price it they are good enough but rather than under 3000 credits all are shits.

                                                        Good Luck...hav a nice day!!! :)

Check out my photo album hehe :P pls :)

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  1. oh my god finaly i have found this...thanks admin thank you very much love your site