Tuesday, 17 July 2012

New Trojan for Android

New Trojan for Android 100,000 infected devices

Private purchases malicious application software products in the Chinese mobile application stores.
Chinese virus writers managed to infect my new trojan is not less than 100 thousand mobile devices based on operating system Android. This is the conclusion, researchers from TrustGo Mobile, which was first detected malware.
According to experts, the virus «Trojan! MMarketPay.A @ Android» was distributed in at least nine Chinese stores disguised as applications and packaged installation file of popular programs.
Once infected, the virus started a mobile device covertly connect to the online store Android Market, the company owned by China Mobile, and buy paid applications, and videos.
China Mobile is one of the largest mobile operators in the world with a subscriber base of 677 million people and if you shop in store application fee is automatically deducted from the mobile client’s account. Trojan, in turn, is embedded in the process of confirming the purchase by making payment to the owner quietly smartphone.
TrustGo Mobile Experts also point out that due to the low cost of goods in the Android Market, and a moderate rate attackers, many users may not notice an increase in expenses on his account. Moreover, fraudsters can use their tactics to download and install on your phone additional malicious software. To view the report TrustGo Mobile here.

Ok to get a less effect from dis type of harm you need to get some good antivirus.Remember no  antivirus can protect you from all viruses. I have tested probably all antiviruses but i preferred only 4....List of 4 good antiviruses:                                                                                                        

Avast:Ok I genuinely use dis one "avast" is one of the most powerful antivirus with regular updates...sometimes may delay but you will get all the features of a pro like gps tracking, antitheft, sms/call filtering, web shield(best feature instead:but if u really wanna get protected from web use Dolphin android web-browser better than avast dis feature), runs while doing work dosen't drain you smartphone's battery(instead:use juice defender best powerful battery saving app dan any other sucking app like easy batter saver and others..)

Check out avast's android antivirus review at youtube

Lookout:Powerful ok most downloaded antivirus gr8 features like avast overall same but its not free the give the pro features only for 15 days.

kaspersky:Cool powerful features as provided by Kaspersky but not all

Norton:Though it more powerful than avast but it takes up more space and lags as well all the features like web shield sms/call filter etc..you need to buy it.

 Overall Rating

Avast : 4/5      Lookout : 3.5/5      Kaspersky : 3/5      Norton : 2/5

If you guys wanna check out more antivirus and their cool features click here

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