Sunday, 2 September 2012

Safety Tricks to live on Internet

Virus Total
Hey!! yaa check out Virus Total really a very good place for scanning files and executable programs.So after every download from Internet scan the file with virus total.So what it does first when you visit the site it will give you option to upload a file from your computer(upto: 32MB) which is pretty darn good size for checking simple installer and bots...anyway after you upload it will scan with all the antiviruses (its about a big list don't expect me know all about that) after checking you get your results via ratings, comments(depends if other users have downloaded that file and commented on the site)

Here is the result for our blog click here

Guerrila Mail
Another good way from spams, trojans, adware, junk mails etc.Freedom from them use Guerrilla have used guerrilla mail for about a year and really it works just use it for f**king surveys and places where you do not want to give your email.

Hacking and making viruses is never a job for credits cuz it feels to those who got hacked try think abt nther way.

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