Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Windows 7 Ultimate Genuine copy for free!!

Get lucky because here come Windows 7 Ultimate Genuine 
                                                            Download frm here 

How to install

1)download the files

2) extract the ISO ( using winrar)

3)copied "w7xle"(windows 7 loader) on to a portable hard drive  or pendrive

4) install windows 7 ultimate

5) when it asked for a key at the end of the installation just ignore and uncheck the online key thingy

6) then when it loaded up my new updated computer, you will go to system and will found that windows will activate only a 30 day trial....

7) so  put in your portable hard drive and open up "w7xle" and then click activate certificate

8) and then once that was done  simply go back to the system and it will say that windows is activated

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