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Top 10 hottest babe of games 18+

Top 10 hottest babe of games

Tifa Lockhart

Few RPG characters have had the enduring hotness as Tifa Lockhart, who made her debut in Final Fantasy VII for the original PlayStation.

Samus Aran
When Samus Aran shucked her unisex battle armor in the original Metroid, 80s gamers were shocked as hell. Now the Zero Suit-clad hottie is a bona fide sex symbol.

Chun Li
Opinions are harshly divided on original Street Fighter II hottie Chun Li. Some deride her massive thighs, while others defend them to the death.

Morrigan has become one of Capcom's de facto mascots since her debut in Darkstalkers in 1994. The sprite art from that first appearance would go on to be recycled in half a dozen games - the mark of truly excellent work.

Okay, so the Prince of Persia movie didn't exactly set the world on fire. Maybe if it had included Kaileena, the character modeled after Monica Belluci, it would have raked in some more cashola.

There's been some outrage in the nerdosphere about Sophitia's evolution from flat-chested armored Amazon in Soul Edge to her current big-chested Soul Calibur 4 shape, but dudes need to get with the program - she's the Heidi Montag of fighting games.

Mai Shiranui
Mai Shiranui
Mai Shiranui, first seen in the Fatal Fury series, has huge boobs for a reason - their well-animated bouncing is based on a kunoichi technique of using sensuality to distract your enemies. See? That's not gratuituous at all.
Ivy Valentine
Ivy Valentine
Speaking of gratuitous, Ivy Valentine (first met in Soul Calibur) is just a b-a-n-a-n-a-s dresser, basically holding scraps of purple fabric onto her pnuematic body with glue and bad intentions.

Lara Croft
This list couldn't be complete without Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider who kicked off the female protagonist trend with her short shorts and huge, mono-polygonal hooters.

For those worried that political correctness would end the age of exploitative video game heroines, Bayonetta came along to make the world safe for busty librarian witches clad in skin-tight jumpsuits made out of their own hair. And thank God for that!

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